Completed PhDs

1Manu Madhavan

 Computational Analysis of lnRNA Functional Signatures and Disease Regulatory Associations, 2021

2Nandini J. WarrierOn the Eternal Vertex Cover Number of Maximal Outerplanar Graphs, 20212021
3Sithara Kanakaraj

Unscented Kalman Filter based SAR Image Super-Resolution, 2021

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Research Groups

Following are the upcoming research groups in the Department:


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Major Areas of Research

Algorithms and Complexity

Graph Algorithms, Complexity of Security Models and Verification, String Algorithms.


Algorithms for Sequence Alignment, Data and Text Mining for Bioinformatics.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Security, Cloud Databases, BigData Analysis

Compilers and Programming languages

Program Analysis and Transformation.

Computer Architecture

Simulators for High Performance Machines, Power Efficient Caches.

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