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Post-Quantum Cryptography Session

A lecture on Post-quantum Cryptography by Dr. Shweta Agrawal, Associate Professor, Department of CSE, IIT Madras was held on 14th October 2022. This session was organised by the Hardware and Security Group of NITC. The session gave an insight into the domain of post-quantum cryptography, quantum secure algorithms and its future applications. Dr. Priya Chandran, Professor, CSED NITC, served as the session chair for thislecture.


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CSEA Activities inauguration for Monsoon 2022


A one-hour long informative webinar titled “Something for almost nothing: a gentle introduction to sublinear

time algorithms” by Mr Nithin Verma, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department at Chennai Mathematical Institute, took place on September 2, 2022. The webinar explored the sublinear computation paradigm to tackle big data

challenges with real-life examples. This was followed by insights into solving non-trivial problems in sublinear-time and efficient algorithms to test the correctness of graphs. The webinar was aimed at the cruciality of rethinking conventional notions of efficient algorithms used to manage and analyze modern datasets that revolve around billions of inputs. The Webex session concluded with questions from the attendees. This webinar marked the beginning of the activities of

CSEA for this monsoon semester.


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IBM cloud essentials workshop

A beginner-friendly workshop detailing the essentials of the IBM cloud was conducted between the 8th-10th of June 2022. This workshop was organised by CSEA in coordination with the Centre for Information Technology Research and Automation (CITRA) and IBM India. The session was handled by IBM cloud experts who provided a walk-through on getting started with IBM cloud, pricing, and its features. A demo was also offered by the experts.


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Latest HPC Architectural Trends for AI workloads Webinar

This webinar was organised by CSEA in collaboration with Central Computer Centre. The speaker for the session was Mr Ananda Sekhar Bhattacharjee, head of HPC/AI in Lenovo Global Technology Ltd. on 18th March 2022. The session covered the next-generation system architectures for HPC systems and the optimum design

considerations needed for AI workloads.

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CSEA inauguration for the winter semester 2022

The CSEA activities for the new semester were inaugurated by Mr Karthik Raghunathan, Director of Machine

Learning at CISCO, on 16th February 2022. He gave a talk on using MindMeld: an open-source AI platform for production-level conversational interfaces. The two-hour session covered a mindmap to build a voice assistant and associated features using open-source AI assets.


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YBlockchain Summit:

CSEA collaborated with YBlockchain, a global web3 community that seeks to accelerate the blockchain realm by connecting enthusiasts with companies involved with blockchain technologies worldwide. This 3-day summit was organised between 15th-17th October 2021. The sessions delved deeper into the intersection of AI with blockchain, introduction to Web3, the future of crypto, deployment of basic Dapp on Celo and the emerging applications of blockchain.


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CSEA inauguration for the monsoon semester 2021

The inauguration of CSEA activities for the academic year 2021-2022 was held on 16th August 2021 via Cisco

 in the M.N.Neelakantan Memorial lecture series. The talk included many easy-to-follow tips and resources for students to make use of open source and cloud.

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Talk on Reliable Software Developmen

 Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Professor from the University of Utah, addressed the students with an interactive session on 4th March 2021. The hour-long lecture gave details on the pre-existing teaching methods of software development and formal techniques of debugging and deploying correct software models.


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Workshop on Git and GitHub by IncubatedIND

This workshop was conducted by

CSEA in partnership with IncubatedIND on 23rd February 2021. Mr Kaushik Roy, Principal Architect of IncubatedIND led this interactive session covering all the essential Git comments. A hands-on session enabled the students to go deeper into each of these commands and their functionalities.


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Promises and Challenges of Supercomputing session

This session was conducted on 27th November 2020 with Dr Ashok Srinivasan, an expert in the field of supercomputing. A brief description of this field and its various applications was rendered during this session.


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