Design and Implementation

Kartik Singhal (BTech CSE Student, 2009 Batch)


Dr Vineeth Paleri (Professor, CSED)
Rekha R (Research Scholar, CSED)


Sreeja V (Staff Member, CSED)

Data Entry and Verification

Gayathri S S, Shijitha M (Lab Trainees)
Deepa C V (Ad-hoc Staff Member)

Student Maintainer

Anas Anzari (BTech, 2013-2017)

Boby Aloysius Johnson (BTech, 2013-2017) 

Content Credits

NIT Calicut Logo courtesy of Mr. Chandramohan MK, Graphic Studio, Central Library, NIT Calicut

Campus Map courtesy of Google Maps, with significant improvements and updates by Pranav A Rai, BTech ECE Student, 2008 Batch

With contributions by many more people in the Department.