Mr Godly T.Alias of B.Tech CSE, NITC got top marks and prize in the Aakash Application Development contest by IIT Bombay

Mr. Godly T Alias of B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering of NITC   got top marks in the Aakash application development contest  conducted by IIT Bombay  during  March 2013.


Project Details:


Team Name : GoDroid


Team Members : Godly T.Alias


Application Name : GTAcampuS


Brief description of the Project:

This is a campus related application which mainly focus in helping students to avoid missing the classes. On installing this application is to be initialized with the number of hours and timings. Courses that are registered is to be added later along with the timings of each course in a week. The application will make alerts before the class hours, during making alert application will provide options for ‘SNOOZE’, ‘ON THE WAY’ & ‘BUNK’. If the student dismiss the alert with the 'ON THE WAY' option then the application will turn off the alert volumes of the device and will change the device to silent mode automatically which will be restored back to normal state after the class time. When ‘BUNK’ is selected the bunk-o-meter database of the application will be updated and the no: of classes bunked will be incremented for that respective course. If the no: of bunked classes crosses a limit then the application will give notifications. The application will provide a timetable view showing the class hours user have in the week. User can check the statistics and details of the classes they bunked at any time. This application also contains a calculator, a converter, feature for setting extra-alerts, saving notes and also option for back-up and restore the database.








Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Godly Alias !!!

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